International Co-operation Partner Countries:


International cooperation in NET4SOCIETY²

NET4SOCIETY: A Strong Network with 3rd Countries NCPs and Multipliers

Coordination of NET4SOCIETY efforts towards ICPC NCPs and ICPC researchers and strategic orientation of ICPC cooperation, as a network and in respect of SSH activities will be done by elaborating and strengthening a close network with NCPs, information multipliers and researchers from 3rd countries. This closer cooperation will benefit both sides. Sharing information, experience, and knowledge virtually via email communication, including on this dedicated section of the project webpage, the publication of an e-newsletter, as well as by the analysis of ICPC participation in SSH so far and the discussions of the results of this analysis on a NET4SOCIETY workshop are part of the measures we will take in an attempt to assist SSH research communities from 3rd countries to take part in the FP7 projects.

To better address researchers in the ICPC countries, the task force members specialise on 5 target regions:

Africa: Dr. Christa van Zyl, HSRC, South Africa

America: Mrs.Eva Carnested, Vinnova, Sweden

Asia: Mr. Tom Espen Moller, Forskningsradet, Norway; Mrs. Ecaterina Gica, ANCS, Romania

Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS):
Mrs. Anastasia Gurova, CSRS, Russia; Mrs. Larissa Titarenko, BSU, Belarus

Mediterranean countries: Mrs. Maria Samara, EKT NHRF, Greece

All questions general or suggestions: please contact the task force.